We provide (usually up to a length of 2.5 m) chrome plating, chrome plating of aluminum (up to 1.8 m in length), chromium plating of zinc castings ...

Chromium plating

is a process in which layers of a metallization type are applied electrochemically to a metal part. The part must be perfectly removed (so that the old coating does not peel off) and perfectly sanded and polished. The chrome plating process does not obscure anything, on the contrary, it tends to extract even what is not visible (therefore the parts are made of copper so that the unevenness can be polished). When chromium-plating, we use higher layers of nickel (whether with or without copper), which are very strongly anti-corrosion.


Chrome renovation procedure:

1) After previous telephone or email contact, you will import or send your parts. Upon request, we will send an approximate preliminary price of parts. The price is indicative, because without removing the old surfaces, it is not possible to determine all the damage to the parts and the complexity of the renovation (especially for parts under paint).

2) The parts are photographed and recorded. The total area is measured on dm2 of the chrome-plated area. The renovation time is agreed and put on the shelf. WE DO NOT MIX PARTS BETWEEN YOURSELF !! Every customer gets their part back.

3) At the moment when the parts come next, the old surfaces - paint, nickel, chrome - start to be removed (we do not remove them earlier, because the parts would rust without protection).

4) The most important phase follows and that is grinding. The part must be perfectly sanded and polished (of course, whatever the material allows). Subsequently, depending on the agreement or condition, the part goes to copper or straight nickel, chrome.

5) After inspection, we send the finished parts by post or hand them over in person.


Copper is a process in which layers of copper are applied to metal parts. There are different types of copper. The part in front of the copper must be prepared as if it were going on chrome without it. Copper has opacity, however, even though we provide a high layer of copper, it is still not enough to copper.

Chrome renovation procedure:

What we can do:

We can knock out parts or align them into the shapes in which they should be. If necessary, we work with proven plumbers. We provide knocking or cutting and leveling of tanks, where the price is increased according to the damage and complexity of leveling.


We work for renovation workshops in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as for private individuals. You can find our work in museums or at exhibitions.

Frequently asked questions:

1) Is copper a necessity?

No, but it always adds to the quality. Nickel chromium itself is a sufficiently strong anti-corrosion property. Copper is mainly bad parts by arrangement according to the customer's wishes. In the case of copper, it is always necessary to take into account that it increases the price, namely: by the plating itself, transport, polishing of copper (we achieve the maximum effect of copper)

2) Do I have to prepare the parts?

It is best to clean the parts or remove rubber from them. Nothing else. Definitely DO NOT SAND. 95% of all parts are removed chemically, which is the most gentle (exceptionally sandblasting).

3) Do you chrome zinc alloys and aluminum?

Yes, we chrome. We make these alloys without a guarantee of the result. We can chromium 95%, but it can happen that the alloy has a poor metal composition and copper creates a constant bubble.

5) How big parts can we chrome?

We specialize in American bumpers, so we can copper up parts up to 220 cm, and chrome itself up to 250 cm. The maximum width of the parts is 50 cm.

6) Do you chrome exhausts or rims?

Yes, we chrome both. However, replicas come out significantly cheaper and are made of new materials. Exhausts or rims are chrome-plated if the customer wants to have a 100% original and expects a higher price.

Metal polishing

One of the services we offer is polishing of metals (iron, stainless steel, aluminum). We polish to a high gloss or as a preparation under chrome. We can provide serial preparation under chrome or various types of polishing.