We provide:

Chrome under centering, metal grinding and polishing, metal tumbling, ultrasonic degreasing, grinding, chrome polishing, polishing of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, alpaca and other materials, fine grinding, matting and high-gloss finish.

Renovation of metal parts (including removal of old finishes), surface treatment and polishing of antiques and works of art, surface treatment, polishing and renovation of parts for cars and veterans

We cooperate to provide:

chrome plating of aluminum, nickel plating, galvanizing, nickel - satin, chrome - satin, normally up to a length of 1.8 m, but brass, chrome plating up to 2.5 m in length, titanation up to 0.6 m in length,

chrome plating, nickel plating and satin plating of zinc castings


Our assortment

We are a traditional Czech manufacturer (since 1994) of furniture and building hardware, handles, handles and other elements. We are Supplier of furniture fittings to the Globus and Hornbach sales network through ARMET (1996 - 2009). We renovate antiques and works of art, parts of historic vehicles by surface treatment and polishing.

Internet sale (e-shop) offers our assortment, You can buy there furniture handles and bent ones, handles and balls for doors, security fittings ...All ones with great prices.